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Liver disease is happening to most people today and ignoring its symptoms can be dangerous in many cases. The liver plays an important role in digesting food and detoxifying the body, but in many situations, when the liver is unable to function properly, it can be due to some liver disease. we are Liver Specialist doctor in Varanasi

What is Liver Fibrosis?

When fat accumulates in the liver, it also damages the liver. It is also called scarring. The liver becomes harder than normal. Liver fibrosis is the next stage of fatty liver.

Liver fibrosis occurs when there is some kind of injury or inflammation in the liver. In the condition of liver fibrosis, there are lesions on the healthy tissues of the liver and the liver is unable to function properly.

The tissues injured by fibrosis block the flow of blood inside the liver. This kills healthy liver cells and damages tissues.

Fibrosis is the first stage of liver damage, when the liver becomes more damaged than this, then it is called liver cirrhosis. This is a serious liver disease. In this, a liver transplant has to be done. However, early stage fibrosis can be prevented from progressing to cirrhosis by taking medications and lifestyle changes.

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Symptoms of Liver Disease

Liver fibrosis is not detected at mild or moderate stage. Its symptoms appear late. Feeling weak is one of the early symptoms of liver disease. Apart from this, there may be a problem of yellowing eyes, abdominal pain and swelling, vomiting, excessive itching of the skin, loss of appetite, decreased ability to think and make decisions, and sudden weight loss.

Why is there a problem of fibrosis?

Liver disease can be caused by genetic factors, infections, excessive alcohol and smoking, diabetes and being overweight. The most common cause of liver fibrosis is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Apart from this, alcoholic liver disease, long-term alcohol use, autoimmune hepatitis, iron overdose, viral hepatitis B and C can cause liver fibrosis.

Take care of these things

By making lifestyle changes, you can avoid liver problems.
Take healthy diet daily. Eat things that benefit the liver on the advice of a doctor or nutritionist
Stay away from smoking and alcohol. This may increase your problem.
Control the weight. Gaining weight can lead to serious problems.
Absolutely avoid junk food and oily things. This can cause inflammation of the liver.

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